A City With Soul

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A City With Soul is a fast paced musical comedy with soul based in New Orleans.

Two musicians, a young man and woman who have lost their souls, find themselves thrust into an adventurous quest to get their souls back. It turns into a spooky, fun and raucous one-night romp into the wee hours through the French Quarter and grave yards with some of the icons of New Orleans culture and music; Voo Doo Queen Marie Laveau, the ghosts of Louis Armstrong and Sweet Emma Barret, the Devil himself, and of course Gay Vampires! 
The songs highlight various styles of New Orleans grooves.

There’s lots of silliness and some crazy shtick, along with heart warming moments of deep humanity. 
Libretto and score by J Riley Cain.

Various videos below. Below the videos are audio recordings of most of the songs. 

Recordings are in various stages of production.  They feature several New Orleans based singers.

Lilli Lewis, Antoine Diel, Christien Bold, Katie Cat and Rebecca Jade.

You can listen for free! Consider it a little lagniappe.