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Sad Rain Fallin'

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From the musical comedy A City With Sool.
Lead vocal by Rebecca Jade. Performed by Bobbi Magee.


I come way down here
To try to start again
That lonely rolling thunder
seems to be my only friend
And every day the sad rain fallin’,
don’t even wash away my sins.

It’s a bad pain calling
like it never gonna go away
Sad rain falling….( fallin’ fallin’ fallin’)
the cats can’t even play
seems like it never gonna stop
feels like my soul’s about to rot

It’s a sad rain falling
Don’t know where the sunshine went
It’s a sad rain falling
Don’t know where the sunshine went
It’s raining on my instrument
got no way to pay my rent.

It’s a sad rain falling
Ever since I come ‘ this town
I just can’t seem to get off
on that sweet stuff comin’ down
Every time I get back on my feet
I just keep on fallin’ down

A message from John Cain (J Riley Cain): 

"There are several other musicians named John Cain. Internet searches can't distinguish between us.

Therefore I started using my alternate name    J. Riley Cain.

It seems fitting since I moved to New Orleans. It sounds kind of "southern."

Much of my catalogue of material is still found under the name John Cain."