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Brand New Person

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From the musical comedy A City With Soul.
Lead vocal J Riley Cain. Performed by Bobby Boy.


There’s a new kind of man
he’s the brand new person
He’s living in the now
and he doesn’t own the earth
There’s no one stronger than
the brand new person
he don’t have no sacred cows
and he lives for what it’s worth
Make way ( make way )
for the brand new person
Make way ( make way )
for the new kind of man
Make way ( make way )
for the brand new person
‘cause we’re all of us going down
going down
There’s a new way to see
a new vision version
time’s a sneaky thief
and nothing ever lasts
There’s a new way to be
it’s total immersion
free from all beliefs
and from the shadows that you’ve cast

A message from John Cain (J Riley Cain): 

"There are several other musicians named John Cain. Internet searches can't distinguish between us.

Therefore I started using my alternate name    J. Riley Cain.

It seems fitting since I moved to New Orleans. It sounds kind of "southern."

Much of my catalogue of material is still found under the name John Cain."