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The People Who Are Kind

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From the musical comedy A City With Soul. Performed by the ghost of Louis Armstrong upon telling the story of how he was helped by the kind Jewish damily, the Karnofsks, when he was a boy.


They sacrifice though no one ever sees them
They guide you when you’re bind
The people who are kind
Those people, they don’t need to have a reason
Without a second thought
Freely give what they’ve got
Though they may not
Have a lot.

So many times in life when I was clueless
I was fortunate to find
The people who were kind
Patiently they taught me to get through it
And in the end I find
That I, too, can be kind
Oh, wouldn’t you
Do it too?

I surely would have fallen behind
I surely would would be losing my mind if
It hand’t been for
the people who are kind

A message from John Cain (J Riley Cain): 

"There are several other musicians named John Cain. Internet searches can't distinguish between us.

Therefore I started using my alternate name    J. Riley Cain.

It seems fitting since I moved to New Orleans. It sounds kind of "southern."

Much of my catalogue of material is still found under the name John Cain."