1. River Of Love
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River Of Love

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From the musical comedy A City With Soul. Performed by Bobby Boy, Bobbi Magee and ensemble.


Life is a river of love
And the river empties into the sea
And the sea becomes the sky
There are rivers in the sky

And the sky becomes the rain
And the rain turns into streams
And the streams turn in
To the rivers again
Into mighty rivers of dreams

And all the dreams go flowing down
All the way to New Orleans
And all the dreams go flowing down
All the way to New Orleans

All the rivers of music
All the rivers of song
All the rivers of rhythm
Those rivers run long
And those rivers run strong

And the river can kill you in a thousand ways
If you fight the flow and try to swim the other way
So don’t, no no, go against flow

Life is a river of love
Love is a river of life
Life is a river, a river of love
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

A message from John Cain (J Riley Cain): 

"There are several other musicians named John Cain. Internet searches can't distinguish between us.

Therefore I started using my alternate name    J. Riley Cain.

It seems fitting since I moved to New Orleans. It sounds kind of "southern."

Much of my catalogue of material is still found under the name John Cain."